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We work with you to understand your business, clients, and industry.

Project Rescue Services

Let us help you get your IT project back on track.

Our highly trained team has the skill set to address the obstacles that occur with complex IT projects.

We can ensure a positive outcome to help get your business up and running again.

How we can Help

Rolan IT Services has the skills and technical requirements to find and eliminate any problems.

We’ll Find Solutions for:

  • Corrupt Active Directory
  • Failed server migration
  • Failed Exchange migration
  • Failed virtualized server consolidation

To ensure a successful project recovery we:

1. Assess: We’ll take the time to assess your business’ unique needs and come up with a plan for getting your project done.

2. Recovery: We will return your project to it’s original schedule through our skilled team.

3. Communication: Everyone associated with the project will be kept completely informed about anything concerning the process.

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