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Why Your Business Needs a Continuity Plan

When it comes to your business’s IT, there are no guarantees. If worst comes to worst, will the company files be lost forever?

Every business needs a continuity plan– a strategy for facing risks and threats. You want to make sure your assets are protected in the event of an IT nightmare.

Business Continuity Planning

The first thing to consider is why your business needs this. In the event of a disaster, what will be lost? Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in business files? Tax documents? Needed pictures? Once you realize the hurt that losing this data would cause to your business, there are several other things to consider including backup, disaster recovery, and recovery time.

Disaster recovery focuses on the actual process and procedures related to preparing for recovery. Recovery time objective is the time you want to recover your data in. Anything more than this time goal and the business risks facing consequences for the break in business continuity.

How Will Data Loss Affect Your Business?

Data is crucial to your day-to-day operations. A temporary loss of data would mean a loss of productivity and money. Full data loss could mean the loss of your company’s reputation.

Did you know that 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within six months?

That number is too high for you to not consider having a business continuity plan.

There are a ton of reasons that a loss of data might occur. Broken down it looks like this:

  • 3% Natural Disasters
  • 7% Computer Viruses
  • 32% Human Error
  • 32% Software Corruption
  • 44% Hardware Malfunction

Backup hardware can cost anywhere between $15-$1500. These are very reasonable prices when you consider that your company’s livelihood is on the line.

Here to Help

RITSC can help your business move forward and backup. We specialize in helping businesses with less than 15 employees and computers that cannot afford two computers to be dead, business with decentralized IT that needs “boots on the ground,” and home offices that run off of a laptop. We can even help out with families that need WIFI throughout the house and shared printers.

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